The range of new home light therapy products aim to help prevent papules and pustules (aka zits) plus treat the smaller acne type lesions like white-heads and blackheads, though more severe lesions such as cysts and nodules tend not to respond to light therapy in the same way. Light therapy is usually administered at home twice per day for the best effects, the devices on sale uses blue or blue and red light, which reach the sebaceous glands in the skin and can then can help to excite porphyrins inside the acne which can kill the bacteria from the inside out.

Red light penetrates deeper than blue so may be even better in terms of reducing inflammation and improving healing, but the effectiveness of red light therapy is less studied than blue at this point. Although there are many studies which show reduced acne symptoms when using light therapy devices, exactly how light therapy exerts its effects is still not fully understood. But one popular theory is that certain light spectrum’s may inhibit skin oil production and thereby lessen inflammation.

The light therapy at home treatments are painless and relatively quick, they normally require around 10-15 minutes of treatment, with the user sitting very close to the device, repeated up to twice per day. Goggles are required with acne light therapy devices as the blue light can harm the retina, in addition, people cannot use light therapy in conjunction with Accutane. However, people can normally use light therapy in conjunction with all other acne therapies except Accutane (isotretinoin).

One of the most popular of the home treatment acne light therapy devices, is the Lumie Clear Acne Treatment Light. This is a red and and blue light therapy device for use in the safe treatment of mild to moderate acne. This hand held light therapy device is clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne by combining blue light to attack the acne bacteria with red light to heal the skin. Lumie Clear is not invasive and is easy to use, plus it is a one-off expense that can often work out cheaper than other alternatives over the long term.

Lumie Clear is a treatment for acne which does not have the side effects of drugs and creams, all you need to do is hold the compact device next to your skin for 15 minutes of treatment per day and most people will see a difference within four weeks. The device is mains powered Medical Device (class 2a) and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

The discovery that light therapy is effective for the treatment of acne, came from the observation that acne often improves after spending time in the sun. Subsequent research has found that blue light attacks the acne bacteria, and red light is known to soothe inflammation and promote skin healing. The Lumie light therapy devices were developed with input from Leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu, who studies the effects of light therapy on over 100 patients and found that those using blue+red light therapy saw a real difference after just four weeks, while after twelve weeks skin was 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer.