Biobrite has been the market leader in therapeutic light products for over 20 years and they back up their range with great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their innovative products. Many other companies have copied the Biobrite products in recent years, but they will find it difficult to offer the same product quality and highly rated customer service. The Biobrite Jet Lag Visor product was used by NASA astronauts, they are members of the Circadian Lighting Association and the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, plus have demonstrated their products at the National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions worldwide. We have selected three of the Biobrite sunrise clock products below for a brief review:-

BioBrite Pearl Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise
The Pearl SunRise clock offers a gradual sunrise to wake you up gently plus a gradual sunset to give your body the natural signals to wind down and help you to fall asleep. There is a backup beeper to ensure you don’t sleep in plus a power failure backup for extra reassurance and this item also has a dimmable bedside lamp for reading. There is also a white noise feature drowns out other background sounds to help you get to sleep quickly.

The Pearl sunrise clock is derived from medical research on the impact of light on human behaviour, it emulates natural sunrise and sunset light patterns to work with the human biological clock. On this model you also get several other functions including adjustable display brightness, fade to nightlight and a snooze feature. The white noise option is especially good at masking other distracting sounds – perfect if you have noisy neighbours or live near a busy road and have contend with the sound of street traffic.

BioBrite SunRise Traveler Clock
This travelling version of the Biobrite sunrise clocks allows you to minimize any jet lag while travelling. At just over 4 inches in diameter, this is a fully portable item that will offer much more benefits over the traditional travellers clock. Powered either by 4 AA batteries or USB, the SunRise Traveler Clock has 30 minute sunrise and sunset feature, back-up alarm, plus a built-in torch and reading lamp. In short, pretty much all the features of the Biobrite Sunrise clocks on the go!

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio Platinum
This clock radio sunrise model works naturally with the human biological clock and using gradually brightening low intensity light and offers a smoother, more natural transition from sleeping to wakefulness. You can also program the radio to fade out after a period of time which is adjustable if you like to fall asleep with music playing. Other notable features include the snooze feature, random evening lighting, fade to nightlight, back up audible alarm, plus the peace of mind dealing woth a company such as Biobrite with a great worldwide reputation and a solid 12 months manufacturers warranty.