Do you have problem waking up in the morning? If yes then you need to buy a wake up alarm clock. This device will give you an opportunity to wake up easily than the way a normal basic alarm will do. They will slowly bring natural sun says into your face slowly giving you positive energy that you need to start your new day. If you are tired of hitting the snooze button of your phone or alarm clock over and over, wake up alarm clock will make it a thing of the past. There are many wake up alarm clocks on the market but Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock has captured people attention. In this article, we are going to give you an honest review of the Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock to help you make an informed decision.


• 6 natural sounds and FM radio
This wake up alarm clock is equipped with 6 natural sounds that will help get you out of deep sleep naturally. The sound can used as alarm sound or set in naturally to bring you back to reality. You will feel calm and refreshed waking up to another day. This wake up alarm light is also equipped with FM radio that you can set and be waken with your favorite radio show. If you wake up earlier than your normal waking time, you can switch on the FM radio and scan the channel of your choice.

• Multi-colour lighting modes
Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock is equipped with multicolour lighting modes. It has 10 level brightness dimmable warm light and ambient RGB atmosphere light. With all this options at your disposal, you have the freedom to choose a lighting mode that suits your individual needs. To change from one lighting colour to another, all that you need to do is to tap the touch key located on the top of the wake up alarm clock.

• Dual power supply way
When it comes to powering Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock, you can use 3 AAA batteries or a micro USB cable that comes with the package. The gives you the flexibility to choose the option that you are comfortable with.

• Simulation sunrise and sunset light
30 minutes before the alarm goes on, the sunlight simulation technology that Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock is equipped with will slowly brighten your room starting from 10% to 100%. Later on, the alarm clock will start ringing gradually starting from low tone to slowly bring you out of deep sleep. The sunset simulation technology will gradually shut the light off to provide a cozy and relaxing sleeping environment.

• Stylish design
Unlike traditional alarm clocks that can only be used for one single purpose, Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock has stylish design that enables it to be used for many purpose. As a result, this wake up alarm clock can be used as bedside light, digital alarm clock, smart touch LED light, wake up alarm, security light among many others.

• Touch control mode
All controls have been strategically placed to make it easy for you to access them. You don’t have to wake up in order to make changes in this wake up alarm. Time display buttons are very easy to find and use. All buttons have been well labeled and all have specific function. You can also choose to use 24 hour or 12 hour clock system.

Pros of Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock
• It has very simple and clear display design
• It has large LED screen that is bright, big and with bold numbers that you can see even from a distant
• Energy friendly and user friendly design
• It wakes you up slowly with simulation sunrise wake up alarm light.
• Smart touch control
• Multicolour change mode. You can touch to change the colour or brightness of the light

• Light can be cooler rather than a warm glow
• Not convenient for heavy sleeping person

Final verdict
If you are looking for the best wake up light alarm clock, Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock is one of the best options available on the market. As discussed above, Arvin multicolour sunrise alarm clock has amazing features that will help get you out of deep sleep naturally. It can also be used for several purpose and all its manuals have been located strategically for ease of use.